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When I was a university student, I was a backpacker, and I visited more than 30 countries. During my travels, I always stayed at hostels/guesthouses and I enjoyed meeting people from different countries.
In every country I could find such hostels/guesthouses quite easily, but here in Japan, there are very few of them (especially around the central train station), so the early 1990s I decided to open a guesthouse here in Kyoto.
At the time I did not have enough money, so I worked for a well known insurance company for 8 years to build up capital.
In 1999 I quit my job at the insurance company and finally in 2000 I opened backpacker’s hostel in Kyoto.

Why I opened Capsule Ryokan?

Being a pioneer of backpacker’s hostels in Kyoto for the past decade, I have always wondered if I could start something new to the world and “Japan’s original”.
“Something unique to Japan, budget price and stylish” was the key idea. Working as the owner of hostels, I was lucky enough to collect many feedbacks from tourists of various nationalities. There, I found foreign travelers favor Japanese taste/feel but they also favor western convenience.
Ryokan and capsule hotel are the two most famous and unique Japanese lodgings. One is full of traditional Japanese taste and the other is unbelievably space efficient. I could not help but to mix the two together and make it into one.
I gave thoughts on negatives of (budget priced) ryokan and capsule hotel.
Budget priced ryokan provides you with a very interesting Japanese experience, but you also have to bear with non-English speaking atmosphere and rooms with thin walls, thin mattress, a shared bath and shared squat style toilet.
Capsule hotels are built for businessmen, not for foreign travelers. They often noisy at midnight, do not have lounge area, luggage space or kitchen.
I took good aspects (traditional taste and space efficient) of each and upgraded all the facilities to the level where travelers would be fascinated with the idea and would feel satisfied with their stay.

About the Capsule Ryokan

Bed rooms

a. Ryokan Ensuite Rooms.
Everything you would expect from a luxury ryokan in a 10 square meters.
A king size Tatami bed with two comfortable futon and double insulated walls (for additional privacy), thick mattresses, air conditioner and a folding table. The rooms are also equipped with the latest facilities such as a stylish shower room, Sharp AQUOS 32 inch LCD TV and fully automatic toilet.
* A large storage space is available under the Tatami bed as well.

b. Tatami Capsules
This is the world first capsule bed with tatami mats. Unlike former capsule hotels, we limit number of capsules to 8 in the room. And we limit the check-in time by 22:00 (no curfew though). This will help the guests have a comfortable and quiet sleep. Every capsule has its own LCD TV,lockable luggage space and a large luggage space for suitcases and more.


Capsule Ryokan is located just 7 minutes walk from the Kyoto Station. Just steps away from Nishi-Honganji, a World Heritage site, one of the safest & cleanest areas around Kyoto Station. Since about 95% of sight seeing spots are in the north side of Kyoto Station, I located Capsule Ryokan in the north side of Kyoto Station.


“Affordable for budget traveler” is the key phrase.
With our facilities, we can assure you to give the best value for your yen.
Ryokan ensuit for two- from 3,990 〜 yen per person ( from 7,980 yen 〜 per room/night)
Tatami Capsule- 3,500 yen per person/night
*The rate is one of the lowest, if not the lowest, among ensuite rooms less than 10 min. walk north of Kyoto station.

Common Facilities

In the lounge area, there is a large luggage space, security lockers, free internet, free wireless and a small kitchen. In the lobby, there is a coin operated computer for Skype and printer to use, coin laundry, refrigerator, microwave, international pay phone and free tea & coffee service.

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