You haven't experienced Japan until you've slept in the Capsule Ryokan.

Japan has;

* Unique style bed room such as tatami floor and futon bedding.
* The most advanced technology such as automatic toilet, flat screen TV and high speed internet access.
* Knowhow of making everything compact and useful.

You can experience all of these in the Capsule Ryokan.

It will stay forever in your mind as the quintessential Japanese experience. It’s only a 7 minute walk from Kyoto Station.

Ryokan en-suite Room (2 people occupancy)

The 10㎡ rooms are equipped with a 190 cm x 200 cm tatami bed, a fully automatic toilet and a stylish shower. All rooms have air-con and a 32 inch TV, SHARP AQUOS.

The walls and windows are double insulated for additional privacy.
The rate is outstanding. It is only 3,990 yen per person (7,980 yen for a room).

Tatami Capsule (1 person occupancy).

This is the world’s first Tatami Capsule bed with TV. Unlike former capsule hotels, the capsule is suited for longer stays. Most of our guests are tourists who keep regular hours and we limit the number of capsules to eight in a room with a locker for larger luggage.

The rate is only 3,500 yen per person!

204 Tsuchihashicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto zip 600-8226 TEL/FAX +81-75-344-1510(from over seas), 075-344-1510(inside Japan)

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